COVID-19 Information for Service Providers

On this page page you will find various resources to support the work of homeless service providers in Austin / Travis County during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

This includes information on service coordination groups, resource guides, and notes from the service provider update calls.

Resources for Service Providers

Building Vaccine Confidence for Service Providers Information Packet

Summary of the COVID-19 High Risk Subpopulation Definition

The COVID-19 High Risk Subpopulation has been created at the local level to identify and target specialized services to persons experiencing homelessness and most at risk of severe illness from COVID-19 in the Austin / Travis County CoC. Following HUD guidance (see FAQ ID 3735) and using the CDC High Risk Criteria, the local homeless response system will utilize the Coordinated Entry System to refer persons who are identified within the COVID-19 High Risk Subpopulation to Permanent Housing programs.

Emergency Shelter Guidance for Prevention and Management of COVID-19 (9/18/20)

This document will be updated as new guidance is issued by the CDC and based on community needs.

CoC Amendments 101 Presentation (4/22/20)

Presentation covering how Continuum of Care programs can apply for grant waivers.

CoC COVID-19 Waiver Policies and Procedures Guidance (04/26/21)

CoC COVID-19 Waiver: HMIS Data Entry Guide

Permanent Housing Program Resource Guide (4/23/20)

Includes information to help people access resources and stay safe.

Coordination Groups

Coordination GroupMeeting DetailsContact Person
Emergency ShelterCurrently On-HoldPreston Petty
Unsheltered Housing for Health Workgroup 1st Wednesday of the month @ 8:30am

Purpose: To bring together frontline staff serving highly-vulnerable, unsheltered population, in order to coordinate holistic services to unsheltered encampments and increase productive handoffs between homeless outreach staff and medical/criminal justice institutions.

Attendees: Street Outreach & Navigation staff, Healthcare providers, Emergency response, and Criminal Justice entry/exit points.
Katie Rose

Service Provider Update Calls

From March 2020 through January 2021 ECHO hosted weekly calls for homeless service providers and their leadership staff to report on the latest planning efforts and updates surrounding COVID-19, including any changes in service provisions due to the pandemic. Notes and recordings of these call can be found below.

MonthDayMeeting NotesMeeting RecordingMeeting Recording Password
January 2021Friday: 1/15See meeting recordingRecordingh550E=k&
Friday: 1/8See meeting recordingRecordingP9Hd#qpR
December 2020Friday: 12/11See meeting recordingRecordingOKx+G9Wi
October 2020Friday: 10/16See meeting recordingRecording1A.*.5Xc
Friday: 10/9See meeting recordingRecordingUM!d+Jg7
Friday: 10/2See meeting recordingRecording6N!jX?hl
September 2020Friday: 9/25See meeting recordingRecordingxW6m5H.B
Friday: 9/18See meeting recordingRecordingsX1zg4&h
Friday: 9/11See meeting recordingRecordingJ5*EHTHz
Friday: 9/4See meeting recordingRecordingP?s70.YN
August 2020Friday: 8/28See meeting recordingRecording6S6%+#bB
Friday: 8/21See meeting recordingRecordingq7+5DpWS
Wednesday: 8/19See meeting recordingRecording74c&LxQC
Friday: 8/14See meeting recordingRecordingyGjQm7a^
Wednesday: 8/12See meeting recordingRecording^M^@YVT9
Friday: 8/7See meeting recordingRecordingwmzt!4u&
Wednesday: 8/5See meeting recordingRecordingZCh3t$.F
July 2020Friday: 7/31See meeting recordingRecordingK@a+63h
Wednesday: 7/29See meeting recordingRecordingx0=FX71q
Friday: 7/24See meeting recordingRecording&7zqKpCR
Wednesday: 7/22See meeting recordingRecording&WU?s1H8
Friday: 7/17See meeting recordingRecordingcKEixm1*
Wednesday: 7/15See meeting recordingRecording1E@!1P90
Wednesday: 7/10See meeting recordingRecording3j@62!d8
Wednesday: 7/8See meeting recordingRecording2A#G4n?l
Wednesday: 7/1See meeting recordingRecording6r+2m290
June 2020Friday: 6/26See meeting recordingRecording8W%.C$g+
Wednesday: 6/24See meeting recordingRecording7P$Vz@61
Friday: 6/19NotesRecording5a+0O0!$
Wednesday: 6/17NotesRecording2r!*Ow@!
Friday: 6/12NotesRecording9O=@u!15
Wednesday: 6/10NotesRecording9E=93Z97
Friday: 6/5NotesRecording4t*.!5UK
Wednesday: 6/3NotesRecording4S$$%*6l
May 2020Friday: 5/29NotesRecording2W%G2X$!
Wednesday: 5/27NotesRecording0C%7=TJf
Friday: 5/22NotesRecording 8i&6Q^o4
Wednesday: 5/20NotesRecording8g#V^8I3
Monday: 5/18NotesRecording1k.$214%
Friday: 5/15NotesRecording0Q!0kR26
Wednesday: 5/13NotesRecording3x*.0fS9
Monday: 5/11NotesRecording6M*R6z30
Friday: 5/8NotesRecording3W@%#=^9
Wednesday: 5/6NotesRecording6U?%.&99
Monday: 5/4NotesRecording3s%.?12a
Friday: 5/1NotesRecording2a$2?3m*
April 2020Wednesday: 4/29NotesRecording2F%27%20
Monday: 4/27NotesRecording0R^E?a&4
Friday: 4/24NotesRecording2b+$IaH!
Wednesday: 4/22NotesRecording7p#q.j3k
Monday: 4/24NotesRecording1V.$Q6Xd
Friday: 4/17NotesRecordingp1?w8=M4
Wednesday: 4/15NotesRecordingC2?1qN=2
Monday: 4/13NotesRecordingU1=I#Ug9
Friday: 4/10NotesRecordingN/A
Wednesday: 4/8NotesRecordingN/A
Monday: 4/6NotesRecordingN/A
Friday: 4/3NotesRecordingN/A
Thursday: 4/2Meeting canceledMoving to new meeting scheduleN/A
Wednesday: 4/1NotesRecordingN/A
March 2020Tuesday: 3/31NotesNo recording availableN/A
Monday: 3/30NotesRecordingN/A
Friday: 3/27NotesRecordingN/A
Thursday: 3/26NotesRecordingN/A
Wednesday: 3/25NotesRecordingN/A
Tuesday: 3/24NotesRecordingN/A
Monday: 3/23NotesRecordingN/A

COVID-19 and the Homeless Response System: HCH Education Series for Service Providers

ECHO hosts a biweekly call to share information with Emergency Shelter and Outreach service providers regarding COVID-19 best practices and CDC guidance. The call occurs every other Tuesday, and you can contact Niki Kozak if you’d like to take part.

MonthDayMeeting RecordingRecording Password
November 2020Tuesday, 11/10Recording%4AQyK%n
October 2020Tuesday, 10/13Recording&32a01ZE
September 2020Tuesday, 9/29RecordingN/A
Tuesday, 9/14RecordingV53E1s?H