Reports & Research

Data-driven decision-making

Ending homelessness requires a data-driven approach. Our data teams analyze, on an individual level, who is experiencing homelessness in Austin and Travis County. This analysis helps discover broad trends and racial inequities in our system, as well as develop and monitor plans to fill existing and future needs and gaps in services.

For inquiries related to our data collection, analysis, and/or utilization of data for decision making purposes, please contact our Research & Evaluation Department at

Latest Research & Community Reports

  • The Art of the Heart is to Hear with the Ear

    Supported by the St. David’s Foundation Data for Equity grant, ECHO conducted a community-based qualitative research project in 2022, entitled “The Art of the Heart is to Hear with the Ear,” which has revealed insights as to the accessibility of the Homelessness Response System for the Black unsheltered community in the Austin area.

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  • Neighborhood Vulnerability Index

    Using publicly available data and information about where people in Travis County lose their housing, we show that homelessness is a structural problem, one that can be prevented by addressing underlying socioeconomic conditions. To show where the risk of becoming homeless is greatest, we have created a Homelessness Vulnerability Index that incorporates socioeconomic data at the Census Tract level.

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Continuum of Care Reports

Our most recent reports as the lead agency of the Austin/Travis County Continuum of Care (CoC)