Matt Mollica

Executive Director

Tim Long

Research & Evaluation Director

Kate Moore

Director of Continuum of Care & Partnerships

Preston Petty

Coordinated Entry Program Director

Melissa Wheeler

HMIS Director

Bree Williams

Director of Community Housing


Linda Wolfe

Accounting Specialist

Continuum of Care

Laura Evanoff

Performance Monitoring & Technical Assistance Manager

Axton Nichols

Program Specialist

Coordinated Entry

Alesandra Dominguez

Coordinated Entry Program Manager

Jenelle Adetunji

Coordinated Entry Intake Specialist

Razan Ali

Outreach & Navigation Specialist

Brandi Davis

Coordinated Entry Intake Specialist

Eri Gregory

Coordinated Entry Intake Specialist

Michael Hernandez

Outreach & Navigation Specialist

Nicolina Kozak

Housing for Health Systems Coordinator

Allison Mabbs

Coordinated Entry System Coordinator

Kaleigh Phelan

Coordinated Entry System Trainer

Katie Rose

Outreach & Navigation System Manager


Whitney Bright

HMIS Trainer

Richard Dodson

HMIS Administrator

Norman Harris

HMIS Specialist

Community Housing

Allison Jackson

Intake and Placement Coordinator

Kaylin Rubin

Community Housing Portfolio Coordinator

Jordan Schmid

Community Housing Liaison

Abby Tatkow

Realtor & Community Housing Program Manager

Katie Wilkison

Community Housing Program Coordinator