Matt Mollica

Executive Director

Teri Yates

Chief Financial Officer

Sarah Duzinski

Vice President of Quality Assurance

Kate Moore

Vice President of Strategic Planning & Partnerships

Akram Al-Turk

Research & Evaluation Director

Preston Petty

Coordinated Entry Program Director

Quiana Fisher

Homelessness Response System Strategy Director

Whitney Bright

HMIS Program Director

Chris Davis

Communications Manager

Angela de Leon

Internal Operations Project Manager

Accounting Department

Kisha Smith

Finance Director

Linda Wolfe

Accounting Specialist

Homelessness Response System Strategy Department

Oversight, Planning, and Operations

Andrew Willard

Procurement & Performance Manager

Christopher Murray

Contracts & Compliance Specialist

Maya Beit-Arie

Coalition & Capacity Building Manager

Lyric Wardlow

Community Advocacy & Policy Manager

Housing and System Advancement

Jezzmen McPeters

Associate Director of Housing & System Advancement

Kaylin Rubin

Realtor & Portfolio Manager (Community Housing)

Daniel Armendariz

Portfolio Specialist (Community Housing)

Paul Mohr

Portfolio Specialist (Community Housing)

Poleth Robledo

Program Specialist (Community Housing)

La Shandraia Dwyer

SOAR System Liaison (Housing for Health)

Christa Signor

Healthcare System Liaison (Housing for Health)

Coordinated Entry Department

Crisis Response System Support Division

Alesandra Dominguez

Associate Director of the Crisis Response System

Eri Gregory

Coordinated Entry Intake Specialist

Mariane Elzy

Coordinated Entry Intake Specialist

Rehousing System Support Division

Allison Mabbs

Associate Director of the Rehousing System

Jenelle Adetunji

Navigation Coordinator

Dominique Peevy

Outreach Coordinator

HMIS Department

Katelyn Underbrink

HMIS Administrator

Brandi Davis

HMIS Trainer

Joseph Erik Montano

HMIS Specialist

Research and Evaluation Department

Claire Burrus

Research & Evaluation Analyst

Mason Turpin

Research & Evaluation Analyst