Matt Mollica

Executive Director

Sharyn Malatok

Chief Program Officer

Judy Massey

Chief Financial Officer

Tim Long

Research & Evaluation Director

Kate Moore

Director of Continuum of Care & Partnerships

Preston Petty

Coordinated Entry Program Director

Melissa Wheeler

HMIS Director

Bree Williams

Director of Community Housing


Linda Wolfe

Accounting Specialist

Continuum of Care

Laura Evanoff

Performance Monitoring & Technical Assistance Manager

Axton Nichols

Program Specialist

Coordinated Entry

Alesandra Dominguez

Coordinated Entry Program Manager

Jenelle Adetunji

Coordinated Entry Intake Specialist

Razan Ali

Outreach & Navigation Specialist

Brandi Davis

Coordinated Entry Intake Specialist

Eri Gregory

Coordinated Entry Intake Specialist

Michael Hernandez

Outreach & Navigation Specialist

Nicolina Kozak

Housing for Health Systems Coordinator

Allison Mabbs

Coordinated Entry System Coordinator

Kaleigh Phelan

Coordinated Entry System Trainer

Katie Rose

Outreach & Navigation System Manager


Whitney Bright

HMIS Trainer

Richard Dodson

HMIS Administrator


Kaylin Rubin

Realtor & Community Housing Liaison

Jordan Schmid

Community Housing Liaison

Abby Tatkow

Realtor & Community Housing Program Manager

Katie Wilkison

Community Housing Program Specialist