The Art of the Heart

Data for Equity

Supported by the St. David's Foundation
Data for Equity grant, ECHO conducted a
community-based qualitative research
project in 2022, entitled "The Art of the
Heart is to Hear with the Ear," which has
revealed insights as to the accessibility
of the Homelessness Response System
for the Black unsheltered community in
the Austin area.

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Close-up of a Black person's hands in handcuffs over a cut-out of the Austin skyline with the UN and ECHO logos

Submission to UN

Camping Bans & Human Rights

A UN panel is seeking input on human rights
violations related to policing Africans and
people of African descent. ECHO submitted
research that shows camping bans
disproportionately harm Black people
in Austin / Travis County.

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2022 Funding Competition

2022 Collaborative Application and Final
Priority Listing are available for public review.
Information on the 2022 Special NOFO is
available here as well.

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Fast Facts

Community partners connected 8,282 people to permanent housing between 2017-2021.

83% of people who successfully move through a housing program remain housed two years later.

A Black Austinite is 6x more likely to experience homelessness than a white Austinite.

About 2/3 of unhoused people report they were born/raised or last housed in Austin/Travis County.

13% of unhoused people are unaccompanied youth (age 13-24); 13% are families with children.

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