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Leadership Council is the governing body for Austin/Travis County’s Homelessness Response System. The Council is made up of people with firsthand experience of homelessness, service providers, local government leaders, and community equity advocates. The group is responsible for setting and upholding best practices, policies, and procedures for organizations that provide services to unhoused people in our community.

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Members of Leadership Council holding signs in support of True Colors Day

About Leadership Council

  • Background & Composition

    Communities across the U.S. receive funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) through the Continuum of Care (CoC) program. These funds come with certain requirements, one of which is to create and facilitate a governing CoC Board to ensure the community works together toward solutions to end homelessness.

    The CoC Board existed in Austin and Travis County as Membership Council until 2021. In 2020, our community initiated an extensive restructuring of the Board to center firsthand experience of homelessness and racial equity in both the composition and the guiding charge of the group. Stakeholders at our annual spring meeting approved the first slate of Leadership Council voting members in May 2021.

    According to the CoC Board Selection Policy, Leadership Council voting seats are reserved as follows:

    HRS Leadership Council Seat CategoryNumber/ Seat TypesSeat Terms
    1. Local Government Representative - Travis County
    2. City of Austin Homeless Strategy Officer
    3. City of Austin Equity Office and/or Civil Rights Office
    3 Appointed SeatsNo term Limit
    Public Housing Authority Representative: Housing
    Authority City of Austin (HACA)
    1 Appointed SeatNo Term Limit
    Homeless Response System Providers
    1. HUD funded Provider
    2. Provider NOT a recipient of HUD funds
    2 Elected Seats2-year min to 3-
    year max
    Healthcare and/or Disability1 Elected Seat2-year min to 3-
    year max
    Mental Health/Substance Abuse1 Elected Seat2-year min to 3-
    year max
    Education or Workforce Development1 Elected Seat2-year min to 3-
    year max
    Other Funders (Elected)1 Elected Seat2-year min to 3-
    year max
    Persons with Lived Expertise of Homelessness
    1. Youth or Young Adult Community Advocate w/ Lived
    Experience of Homelessness
    2. Community Advocate w/ Lived Experience of
    3. Community Advocate w/ Lived Experience of
    3 Elected Seats2-year min to 3-
    year max
    To ensure maximum representation, the “Other” seats prioritize
    candidates that increase diverse stakeholder representation.
    0 or 2 Seats Elected
    Membership must equal
    an odd number
    2-year min to 3-
    year max
  • Committees & Workgroups

    One of Leadership Council’s duties is to oversee the activities of Committees and Workgroups. Currently there are five standing committees and however many workgroups, as outlined below. Unless otherwise noted, all Committee and Workgroup meetings are open to the public. Find links to join virtually on our Governance Calendar.

  • Our Work

    Leadership Council is responsible for developing, approving, and enforcing policies and procedures for projects that are funded through our local Continuum of Care (CoC). Some additional funders in our community, including the City of Austin, often require projects they fund to follow these same standards.

    Written Standards Policies & Procedures


Leadership Council meets twice monthly, once with public participation and the other a closed executive session. The public meeting is held on the first Monday of each month from 12-2 p.m. Committees and Workgroups meet publicly according to the schedules of voting members and/or group leads. Upcoming meeting are displayed in the list to the right. Find the full public calendar here.

Agendas & Minutes
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