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Ribbon striped with trans pride colors tied in a loose knot on black background
November 20, 2023

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Content warning: violence, hate crimes, and transphobia November 20th, Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR), stands as a pivotal chapter in our...
Hispanic Heritage Month text on tan background with flags
October 5, 2023

Hispanic Heritage Month: A reminder that everyone is worthy of being celebrated

Hispanic Heritage Month began as a commemorative week in 1968 and became the month-long, national celebration we know today to express our gratitude...
Austin skyline in background with backpack and line graph in foreground
April 5, 2023

How many people are unhoused in Austin? We’re getting better at estimating

AUSTIN – For years, Austinites have relied on a single number to describe the scope of homelessness. This number has punctuated news stories,...
Split screen with close up photo of hand holding cell phone on the left and the iCAN logo on the right
March 13, 2023

Fiercely Focused | iCAN

AUSTIN -- It's hard for many of us to imagine life without a smartphone. Tracking appointments, finding directions, looking up information, calling...
Close-up of a Black person's hands in handcuffs over a cut-out of the Austin skyline with the UN and ECHO logos
March 7, 2023

Read ECHO’s submission to UN group examining racial injustice, human rights violations by law enforcement

AUSTIN (March 6, 2023) -- Laws criminalizing camping and other behaviors associated with homelessness disproportionately harm Black people living in...