VAWA Housing Protections

Violence Against Women Act: Housing Protections

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was originally passed by the 103rd U.S. Congress, with strong public support, in 1994 as a response to rising incidences of domestic abuse. It allowed for the provision of federal resources for coordinated responses to violence. In 2005, the language was amended to protect victims from admission denials, subsidy terminations, and evictions due to their abusers’ acts. In VAWA’s latest reauthorization in 2013, housing protections were further expanded, adding coverage for sexual assault victims and mandating compliance from additional housing programs, including but not limited to CoC, ESG, HOPWA, and HOME.

VAWA Applies to All Survivors of:
Sexual assault, Domestic violence, Dating violence, and Stalking.

VAWA Applies Regardless of:
Age, Sex, Gender identity, Race, National origin, Familial status, Disability, and Sexual orientation.

VAWA protections also expand to individuals affiliated with victims (i.e., spouses, parents, siblings, children, and anyone residing in the household).

VAWA Housing Protections Workgroup

The VAWA Housing Protections Workgroup is part of the Austin / Travis County Homelessness Response System’s governance structure. It meets monthly to work on policy development and strategies for and improvement of community resources and support for survivors.

VAWA Resources

HUD VAWA Resources

Local Austin / Travis County VAWA Resources

VAWA Policy (06-04-18)
Current Local Policy & Procedures for VAWA

External VAWA Emergency Transfer Request Form (Rev. 11-11-19)
For use when a housing program is unable to relocate a client within their own agency’s programs and the client must transfer to a program at a different agency in order to be rehoused under VAWA. This form is only for external emergency transfers due to VAWA, not any other type of program transfer.