Housing Inventory Count

2023 HIC Survey

The 2023 Housing Inventory Count season is here and we are collecting data regarding housing programs that will be reported to U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). For those who are not familiar with the HIC, here is a brief description:

“The Housing Inventory Count (HIC) is a point-in-time inventory of provider programs within a Continuum of Care that provide beds and units dedicated to serve people experiencing homelessness (and, for permanent housing projects, where homeless at entry, per the HUD homeless definition), categorized by five Program Types: Emergency Shelter; Transitional Housing; Rapid Re-housing; Safe Haven; and Permanent Supportive Housing. (https://www.hudexchange.info/programs/hdx/pit-hic/)”

Using HUD’s guidance we will be collecting inventory data from all current housing and shelter projects that were in operation on the night of January 27th 2023. Please access the 2023 Housing Inventory Count Survey below. We have attached an instruction guide below to help you while filling out this form but if you have any further questions that are not answered by the guide please reach out to the HMIS Helpdesk and we will provide you with support.

Please remember that the inventory is based on the number of beds and units available on the night of January 27th, 2023 so only input answers into the survey based on this date.

If you have any questions, concerns or issues please reach out to the HMIS Helpdesk or directly to the HMIS Administrator (JosephMontano@austinecho.org) or to the HMIS Support Coordinator (AngelRomero@austinecho.org).

The submission period for the Housing Inventory Count expired on March 22nd. If you have inventory that has not been submitted through this form, contact the ECHO HMIS department immediately to provide the inventory.