ECHO is fiercely committed to ending homelessness and our staff is frequently engaged in advocacy efforts to scale up resources to meet the need,  As the leader of the coalition, our goal is to get more people involved in this effort and to be a resource to our partners and the community.  We know that homelessness is solvable if we have the resources, will and commitment to help those who are struggling, but it will take more people in Austin speaking up to support this effort.  Below are ways to speak up, get involved, and make your voice heard.  Let our leaders know that you want them to address homelessness by providing the resources to assist more people!

City Council- Find out who represents you and how to contact them here.
State Leaders – Find out who your state and U.S. Representatives and Senators are here.

ECHO comments on the Rental Housing Development Assistance Program
ECHO Comments on the Draft Implementation Plan of the Strategic Housing Blueprint

Give input to the City of Austin about services for people who are low-income, or experiencing homelessness by attending a public hearing, or taking the survey.
Join the mailing list for ECHO, or the Texas Homeless Network for statewide updates.