Performance Monitoring

Achieving sustainable progress

People living outside deserve high-quality, equitable, transparent services from the agencies working with them to end their homelessness. ECHO and Leadership Council regularly review performance of CoC-funded programs to ensure they are meeting our community’s and HUD’s standards and expectations.


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CoC-Funded Project Scorecards

  • About Scorecards

    Performance Scorecards are used as one of the ways HUD CoC-funded projects in Austin/Travis County are evaluated on their ability to meet performance benchmarks. The Scorecard measures each project’s ability to meet HUD expectations for the purpose of CoC funding, requirements related to grant administration, HMIS data quality, and performance outcomes. Scorecard performance over the year is used to highlight strengths, challenges, and areas for growth over time. Scorecards are completed quarterly by grant recipients and monitored by ECHO. Scorecard results across are averaged across four quarters to rank projects during the annual CoC Competition.

  • Submission Process

    Continuum of Care funded projects must submit Quarterly Performance Scorecards via email to by the submission deadline of each quarter.

    Each project must attach to the submission email the completed Quarterly Performance Scorecard associated with their project type and all reports and supporting documents referenced in the Scorecard.

    Comments on discrepancies between metrics on reports and the metrics reported in the Scorecard must be provided in the “Comments” section in the Scorecard spreadsheet to ensure that they will be reviewed in the Scorecard revision process. Reviewed Quarterly Performance Scorecards will be returned to projects within ten business days following the submission deadline. If a project wishes to appeal the score assigned to their project after review, the project must follow the CoC Scorecard Appeal Policy.

  • Reporting Timeline

    Quarter PeriodsJanuary 1 - March 31April 1 - June 30July 1 - September 30October 1 - December 31
    Reporting Period Start DateApril 1
    (Previous Year)
    July 1
    (Previous Year)
    October 1
    (Previous Year)
    January 1
    (Previous Year)
    Reporting Period End DateMarch 31
    (Current Year)
    June 30
    (Current Year)
    September 30
    (Current Year)
    December 31
    (Previous Year)
    Scorecard Submission DeadlineApril 30July 31October 31January 31

Annual Performance Report (APR) Support

All projects that receive Continuum of Care funds must submit an Annual Performance Report (APR) to HUD through the Sage HMIS Repository website within 90 days of the end of their grant period. CoC Recipients can reach out to ECHO staff to request support and analysis of their APR before submission.

ECHO will receive a notification from Sage when a new user is added to an account. ECHO recommends that each agency ensure that they have an Admin Account. If needed, ECHO can provide support with updating user accounts or adding new Admin accounts.


Sage APR Guidebook