How do I ask for help with finding housing?

If you are living outside, in a car, or in an emergency shelter, we invite you to complete a survey to help you find a housing solution by connecting you to available resources. You can complete the survey by walking into any of the four locations listed below. 

If you are living in another housing situation and need housing assistance, please call 2-1-1 or visit for a list of additional housing resources with broader eligibility requirements.

If you have already completed the assessment, please contact ECHO again if:

  • Your contact information changes OR
  • The people in your household change OR
  • You hear from a program, but are told you are ineligible OR
  • More than six months pass, and you have not heard from a program.

Someone from ECHO may contact you again if we need to verify your eligibility for a specific program

How Coordinated Assessment Works

1) Meet in person at one of the listed locations or complete the form above
2) Talk to Coordinated Assessment staff to identify your housing needs and wants
3) Learn about the housing programs and other resources that you might be eligible for
4) Connect with those programs to complete an intake and be assigned a case manager
5) Work with your case manager to find housing

Please keep the following in mind:
1) Completing the housing assessment does not guarantee housing
2) This is not a housing waitlist, or a housing application
3) It is possible you may not be eligible for any current housing program openings
4) There is no fixed timeline of when an agency may contact you for housing
5) We will keep searching for a program until we find an opening for you, or you ask us to stop.

If you can’t access the walk-in centers, please fill out the form below.