Volunteer and Internship Opportunities

The Ending Community Homelessness Coalition (ECHO) is a coalition of stakeholders that plans, develops, prioritizes, and implements systemic, community-wide strategies to end homelessness in Austin and Travis County, Texas. Together with our community partners we are using strategic, data-driven decision-making and innovative, bold thinking to transform the system to end homelessness.  Some of our recent projects include the Ending Veteran Homelessness initiative, the Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program, and a Pay for Success public-private partnership.

ECHO is seeking interns or volunteers interested in the following areas:

  • Research
  • Public policy, housing policy
  • Information design
  • Communication
  • GIS mapping
  • Office administration

Project Description

Interns and volunteers may assist in a variety of projects that range from small to big and from simple to complex – depending on the interests and skills of the intern/volunteers. Here an example list of projects that an intern or volunteer may undertake:

  • Assisting in literature searches, summarizing research on topics such as homelessness strategies and homelessness programs across the nation
  • Assisting in designing educational materials to increase public awareness and knowledge about ending homelessness
  • Reviewing local policies that impact homelessness and housing such as Code Next and the upcoming Housing Affordability bond

Assisting with creating planning documents, charts and presentations

Preferred Qualification

  • Enthusiasm for understanding homelessness
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to research and synthesize information
  • Ability to create tables, graphs and other data visualizations

How do I apply for an Intern/Volunteer opportunity?

Persons interested in interning or volunteering should forward a cover letter and a resume to Andrea Brauer at andreabrauer@austinecho.org

ECHO is committed to creating and maintaining a diverse workforce. We welcome interns and volunteers with diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, and lived experiences of homelessness and recovery. ECHO is an affirmative action equal opportunity employer.