Rehousing Austin Fund

We did it! As a result of the efforts of our committed Mayor and service providers, in September of 2016, our community announced the successful implementation of a system that makes homelessness rare, brief and nonrecurring for Veterans.  With this incredible momentum, ECHO is moving full speed ahead to prioritize the formation of these effective systems for families with children, youth, and for those experiencing chronic homelessness. 

Click here to learn more about what ending veteran homelessness for our community.

The number one strategy to end homelessness is to increase housing opportunities, we present two asks to our generous community.

Our Ask of Donors

Many landlords have reached out to see how they can help, but have voiced concerns about the potential risk associated with accepting applications from households who are experiencing homelessness.  Having successfully housed 682 veteran households in 18 months with the help of the Housing Heroes Fund, ECHO and the community can attest to the success of this additional community support for landlords.  Mayor Adler helped raise nearly $300,000 to house Veterans; the initial goal for the Rehousing Austin Fund is $250,000.  We could not have done it without donors who contributed to the Housing Heroes Fund, a risk mitigation fund that essentially acts as a guarantor for leases signed with individuals served by this initiative; we know that with the creation of the Rehousing Austin Fund, we will have the some success permanently housing youth, families with children, and all of our neighbors experiencing homelessness.

Please donate now to the Rehousing Austin Fund.

Our Ask of Landlords

The other major piece of this puzzle is the housing.  We are currently looking for landlords and property owners willing to partner with Rehousing Austin to help end homelessness.

 Will you commit ONE unit?


Not a landlord or property owner? You can still help spread the word! Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. Help us inform people about our campaign.

Feel free to contact the ECHO Housing team with any questions:

Bree Williams – – Phone: (512) 940-9690

Abby Tatkow – – Phone: (512) 710-5779