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The mission of the Continuum of Care is to lead, develop and implement strategies and resources to end homelessness.  The Continuum of Care shall elect a Board of Directors, hereafter called the Membership Council, to be governed by a Governance Charter. The CoC Membership Council is the decision making body of the CoC. The Governance Charter shall provide procedures for:

  • Invitation, selection, term and conduct of Continuum of Care board membership and leadership;
  • Establishment of committees and the appointment and duties of members;
  • Board meeting frequency, reporting and public participation requirements; and
  • Charter review and approval.

Older membership council minutes and agendas can be found on the archives page

FY17 HUD Continuum of Care Competition Information

2017 Grant Inventory Worksheet (CoC_GIW_CoC_TX-503-2017_TX_2017_20170405)-Please note, any changes submitted have not yet been approved and are pending.  Will post the revised version once approved by the HUD Field Office.

2017 NOFA Policy Requirements and General Section-

2017 HUD CoC Program Registration-

HUD Continuum of Care Program Interim Rule:

TX-503 Austin/Travis County Continuum of Care Local Application: FY17 Local Application Instructions

TX-503 Austin/Travis County FY17 Continuum of Care Local Online Application:

May 11, 2017 FY17 CoC Bidders Conference PowerPoint (PowerPoint)

Membership Council Minutes 2017

Membership Council April 2017 ( Minutes | Agenda)
Membership Council March 2017 ( Minutes | Agenda)
Membership Council February 2017 ( Minutes | Agenda)
Membership Council January 2017 (Minutes | Agenda)

TX 503 - Austin/Travis County Continuum of Care - Manual of Policy and Procedures