Board of Directors

  • Marshall Jones
    Marshall Jones Board Member

    Owner, Bon Vivant Consulting


  • Corky Hilliard
    Corky Hilliard Immediate Past Chair

    Owner, Hilliard Resources

  • Alan Isaacson
    Alan Isaacson Board Member

    Vice President & COO, Seton Shoal Creek Hospital

  • Tim League
    Tim League Board Member

    CEO, Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas

  • Mark Littlefield
    Mark Littlefield Vice Chair

    Principal, Littlefield Consulting

  • Perry Lorenz
    Perry Lorenz Board Member

    Partner, Constructive Ventures

  • Ed McHorse
    Ed McHorse Secretary

    Attorney, Graves Dougherty Hearon & Moody

  • Dr. Calvin Streeter
    Dr. Calvin Streeter Board Member

    Professor, University of TX School of Social Work

  • Rick Cofer
    Rick Cofer Chair

    Assistant District Attorney

  • Betty Staehr
    Betty Staehr Board Member

    Office Manager

  • Laura Morrison
    Laura Morrison Treasurer

    Former City Council Member

  • Judy Maggio
    Judy Maggio Board Member

    Retired News Anchor

  • Rick Mendoza
    Rick Mendoza Board Member


  • Afton Cavanaugh
    Afton Cavanaugh Board Member


Membership Council

A summary of the ballot will be circulated prior to the annual membership meeting and a ballot will be provided for members to vote.

  • Christy Moffett
    Christy Moffett County HHS

    Travis County Health and Human Services & Veterans Services


  • Lisa Garcia
    Lisa Garcia Provider Representative - City PHA

    VP of Assisted Housing, Housing Authority of the City of Austin

  • Terri Sabella
    Terri Sabella Primary Health

    Chief Operating Officer/Chief Nursing Officer, Central Health

  • Kimberly Pierce
    Kimberly Pierce Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement

    Travis County Justice and Public Safety

  • Vella Karman
    Vella Karman City HHS

    CSH Planner, Health and Human Services Department, City of Austin

  • Lauren Avioli
    Lauren Avioli City NHCD

    Planner, Neighborhood Housing and Community Development, City of Austin

  • Michelle Wilkinson
    Michelle Wilkinson Employment

    Director, Counseling and Employment Services, Easter Seals

  • Monica Keller
    Monica Keller Veterans

    Healthcare for Homeless Veterans Case Manager, VA Medical Center

  • Julia Spann
    Julia Spann DV

    Executive Director, SAFE Alliance

  • Afton Cavanaugh
    Afton Cavanaugh Board Member


  • Kathie Tovo
    Kathie Tovo Chair

    Mayor Pro Tem

  • Patrick Howard
    Patrick Howard Vice-Chair and County PHA

    Housing Authority of Travis County

  • Michael Cooper
    Michael Cooper

    Heritage Title

  • Kathleen Casey
    Kathleen Casey Local Mental Health Authority

    Director of Adult Behavioral Health Systems, Austin/Travis County Integral Care

  • Erin Whelan
    Erin Whelan


  • Ann Teich
    Ann Teich

    AISD Board of Trustees

  • Rev. John Elford
    Rev. John Elford

    University Methodist Church

  • Greg McCormack
    Greg McCormack

    Front Steps

  • Kathleen Ridings
    Kathleen Ridings

    Interim Housing

2017 Membership Council Appointees

  • Sara Cook
    Sara Cook


  • Bill Brice
    Bill Brice

    Downtown Austin Alliance

  • Paul Caudero
    Paul Caudero

    Austin Apartment Association

  • Kristan Arrona
    Kristan Arrona

    Austin Apartment Association

  • Paul Hilgers
    Paul Hilgers

    Austin Board of Realtors

  • Thomas Visco
    Thomas Visco

    Glass House Policy

  • Sherri Fleming
    Sherri Fleming

    Travis County, HHVS

  • Sandy Coe Simmons
    Sandy Coe Simmons Data Workgroup Chair

    Director of HIT Outreach, Travis County Healthcare District, dba Central Health

  • Mandy De Mayo
    Mandy De Mayo

    Executive Director, Housing Works

  • Stephanie Hayden
    Stephanie Hayden

    Assistant Director, Health and Human Services Department, City of Austin

2017 Advisory Council

  • Susan McDowell
    Susan McDowell Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program Leadership Advisory Council



2017 Workgroup Chairs

  • Liz Baker
    Liz Baker COC Workgroup


  • Jim Ward
    Jim Ward Housing Workgroup

    Caritas of Austin

  • Sandra Chavez
    Sandra Chavez Housing Workgroup

    Associate Director of Direct Services, AIDS Services of Austin