Addressing Downtown Homelessness

Thank you for your interest in helping end homelessness.  Beginning August 15, 2017, we are asking volunteers to work with us in a new way as we pilot changes downtown.

How can I help?

We need your help to encourage others who are distributing food and other goods downtown to connect with agencies rather than stopping on the street to give out items like food and clothing. We are asking volunteers and donors not to distribute food or other donations downtown during the next 30 days. To help or donate, please give to the Austin Housing Fund at ECHO or connect directly with partner agencies below working to create a healthier and safer downtown.

With support from Mayor Adler and Mayor Pro-Tem Tovo, organizations from all sectors together are implementing a coordinated plan to reduce crowding downtown and improve access to services. This coalition includes representatives from public safety, local government, non-profits, faith-based organizations, healthcare and downtown businesses.

What’s changing?

Starting August 15th, we’re changing the way services are delivered and strengthening health and safety strategies in the area near 7th and Neches.

  • Transform how, when and where food is distributed
  • Increasing police presence and anti-drug initiatives
  • Increasing temporary lighting in key areas
  • Installing temporary restrooms
  • Increasing street cleaning in key areas
  • Identifying ways to expand access to services and housing

As an innovative and creative city, we are bringing new strategies to tackle long term issues and strengthen our entire community.